When it comes to geothermal heat pumps, WaterFurnace is the most recognized and respected name in geothermal. Founded in 1983, their systems have been installed across all 50 states and many countries around the world.

Why WaterFurnace?
Why WaterFurnace? Because WaterFurnace’s core business represents clean and sustainable solutions. They continue to work hard innovating new technologies and integrating key trends, resulting in some of the planet’s most efficient heating-and-cooling systems. These systems combine sound engineering with the highest levels of quality control to produce these high-efficiency marvels.

And with this level of success, you would expect WaterFurnace to rest on their laurels. But that is not who they are. They have a long history of bringing innovate products, accessories, and components, like communicating controls, to the market. To continue this trend, they constantly strive to make their systems even better. The WaterFurnace professionals engineer higher efficiency and cost effectiveness every time they tweak their designs. Their goal is to transform every product into the most efficient system available.

Quality Is Always the Name of the Game
At WaterFurnace, quality is key. In addition to producing only quality products, WaterFurnace only sells them directly to the quality dealers and distributors they trust. They recognize not everyone can perform an installation effectively and efficiently, so they go to great lengths to be sure their systems are taken care of by the best.

In fact, they only work with the best of the best. All dealers and distributors are required to take WaterFurnace training classes. Building the best system on the planet will go nowhere if it’s not installed correctly. A precise installation provides peak-level operation and the ultimate in comfort. All these quality checks and balances translate to the optimum product for the eventual user—you, the homeowner.

Choosing WaterFurnace Is the Wisest Decision
There are many geothermal heat pumps on the market today. But why would you settle for any brand? You want the brand whose mission is to keep you and your family comfy in your home while keeping your utility bills low for many years to come. You want the leading choice for both your family and the environment—the choice with the most trusted and respected name in the industry. You want WaterFurnace.

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