Aaron Rutka

Aaron March 2024 pic

Aaron Rutka is our newest hire and has been with ESI Heating since August 2023.
Aaron rotates between installation and service, and he is training with his twin brother,
Sean, in our service department.
Aaron, an avid animal lover, has decided to donate $250 to the Ionia County Animal
Shelter (ICAS). Aaron is the owner of a dog, cats, and chickens and hopes that his
donation will help provide some necessities for the dogs and cats that are currently up
for adoption at ICAS.
The ICAS takes in dogs and cats that have been surrendered by their owners or have
strayed from their home in Ionia County. Many times they can locate and reunite them
with their owners. When these pets have been abandoned, the shelter provides food,
water, and care that these animals need. The animals are held for about a week at the
shelter, allowing time for them to be claimed by their owner, and once the time has
passed the animals are put up for adoption. The shelter accepts donations of money
and items from their Amazon wish list on their website that is maintained by
Please contact the shelter if you’re interested in adopting a dog or cat or visit their
website at https://www.icas.pet to donate.

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