Customer Testimonials

“Justin and Terry were very knowledgeable about best practices for replacing my AC unit. They also took the time to replace some old valves that are no longer used in case I want to install a humidifier in the future.”
- Paul T.

“Justin & Terry were very courteous and professional. They removed our old system and installed the new Aprilaire unit. Justin took time to explain the new unit in detail and answered all of our questions. They cleaned up the area and when they left, it was better than when they started.”

- Gary F.

“We had a new furnace/filter/humidifier/thermostat installed. Terry and PJ did a great job – neat, thorough, considerate. We had one issue: after they did their testing they apparently forgot to flip a switch on the gas valve and so after the showed us all about programming the thermostat and the furnace was seemingly working fine, they left and the furnace would not cycle back on. After I checked what I knew to do, and it still didn’t cycle back on, I called the after hours number and spoke to the on call person (whose named I failed to write down and now can’t remember) came right over, found the problem and corrected it. If you wonder at the 5 stars I rated them, I can only say that my clue that this is the company you want to work with is this: little oversights can always occur; what is important is the quality of the service recovery when those things happen. ESI was first rate.”

- Howard B.

“We want to thank ESI Heating and Cooling for an excellent job in installing our new furnace and air conditioner. The technicians, Justin and Terry were very courteous and informative about the installation, details and clean up.

Very pleased with the services of ESI.”

- Larry T.

“Great work done by Justin and Terry. The work was clearly done the right way and they explained everything to us before they left. On top of that our house looked cleaner after they left than when they first got here! Thanks for everything Justin and Terry!”

- Mike C.

“Justin & Terry installed a furnace and air conditioner for me. The service was performed very professionally and neatly. They spent the time in answering my questions in an informative, friendly manner and familiarized me with all the components and system operation. A job very well completed .”

- Ron F.

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